VSO Media Player for Windows

VSO Media Player for Windows. Review - VSO Media Gamer is a tool that permits you to participate in media data from various layouts, including AVI, 3GP, FLV, MOV, MPG, along with Videos and Blu-ray discs. The interface from the application is actually well-maintained and also classy. VSO Media Player delivers simplistic factors when that pertains to navigation.
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VSO Media Player

VSO Media Player for Windows

Therefore, you can utilize fundamental media player devices, such as pause and also cease, change the amount, switch to total display method and also get through backward and forward within the video.

Furthermore, you could save and load playlists, select the audio and online video flow, bring in subtitles, as well as configure graphic setups (comparison, illumination, concentration and also gamma).

In "Setups" you can easily pick the interface setting (typical or even clean), scale method and also audio channels, and also allow to introduce the player in full monitor.

But you can additionally modify subtitle specifications, submit documents associations, change to a different foreign language for the user interface, as well as even more. Settings can be restored to their nonpayment worths at any time.

The media player takes up a moderate-to-high quantity from system sources, assists a number of computer keyboard quick ways and also ran perfectly in the course of our examinations. No errors have turned up. Regrettably, there is actually no aid file readily available. Except for that, our company definitely recommend VSO Media Player to all consumers, no matter their experience level, given that this is actually a very stable program.

Play various songs and video clip documents, featuring decrypted Blu-ray hard drives. VSO Media player works all on its own, no must put up additional computer software or even codecs due to reports to become supported. VSO Media gamer has unique created assistance for reviewing DVD as well as Blu-ray form.

Free VSO Media Player
  • One gamer to review all your sound and video clip reports
  • ONE HUNDRED% complimentary
  • No adware and also spyware, or even toolbars

Modifications in VSO Media Player 2016
  • 0011476: [Pest] Fix font shade concern in playlist (felicia) - settled.
  • 0008405: [Pest] looking for issue with FLV (felicia) - solved.
  • 0004506: [Pest] Loosing syncro after look for (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0008313: [Bug] bypassing problem on playback with MP3 (felicia) - settled.
  • 0008553: [Insect] raspy sound playing mp3 (felicia) - addressed.
  • 0010948: [Function Request] After playing a file, and also removing it coming from the playlist, VMP always keeps a report in operation standing on the removed documents (Certainly not shutting VMP) (felicia) - fixed.
  • 0011469: [Component Request] Lessen thumber impact (felicia) - settled.
  • 0010313: [Bug] Picked the wind Blu-ray performs certainly not load (felicia) - fixed.
  • 0011213: [Pest] captions in DVD particular input documents certainly not imported (felicia) - solved.
  • 0011262: [Bug] Thor - the sulky globe bunches with no audio flows (felicia) - addressed.
  • 0010160: [Bug] log reveals Windows 10 as Microsoft window 8 (felicia) - dealt with.
  • and other issues related to not shutting adequately

VSO Media Player for Windows

OS: Windows XP /  Vista /  7 /  7 64 bit /  8 /  8 64 bit and Windows  10
Download File: VSO Media Player | 20.7 MB (Freeware)
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