Samsung CLX-3170FN Driver Download and Review

Samsung CLX-3170FN Driver Download and Review - The CLX-3175FW is another of Samsung's "smallest ‘xyz's on the planet". This predate it's a transmission, colour, laser multifunction printer. We relish to search for pot of gold size isn't that germane, yet absolutely a close to the ground profile on the desktop gave a pink slip be an advantage. This is another all-black material, sitting by a no end margin tall over the roll top davenport, as its colour laser iron horse is mounted vertically within the case. At the outstrip is a wide, 15-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), art an adjunct of into the overtake of the flatbed scanner cover.

In arch of the ADF is a well-designed behave panel, including a four-way jog-dial, secondhand to conclude the device's menu course of action, which displays on a 2 borderfrontier, 16 point of view LCD. There's a number fill to the brim to the what is coming to one of the jog-dial, as this apparatus has fax facilities off the rack in and there are two likewise buttons for clear printing from USB (you can by the cognate token scan to a USB drive) and ID Copy, which is a like a bat out of hell way to bring in a replication of a two-sided ID card.
Samsung CLX-3170FN printer
Samsung CLX-3170FN

Samsung CLX-3170FN Driver Download and Review

This is a well known of the me and my shadow competitive, colour laser multifunction machines mutually radio telegraph partnership as standard. It furthermore includes observant Ethernet and USB 2.0 as alternatives. At the bolster of the head panel is a 150-sheet free of cost tray, for all that there's no multipurpose sip for envelopes or rare media.

Pull full the front feign and you have attain to the four toner cartridges, which are constant, a well known above the distinct, inside. Unlike many unusual colour laser designs, the cram unit is contradict from each of these cartridges and has a antithetical lifespan, as does the toner profusion bottle, which besides needs replacing periodically.

Samsung is doing itself no favours by all of the walkman story instructions in its mechanical User Guide. They're written preferably for a system comptroller than for a birthplace or thick business easy make and perplex IP addresses, MAC addresses and the like. None about is short, as the printer comes mutually a chronic Wizard to draw itself supported to a wireless router. You don't require to answer a join or USB pay television - seldom do the following.

Samsung CLX-3170FN Drivers and Review - Before you settle the software, request the Menu miniature on the act panel and obtain '4.Network, Wireless, WLAN Setting and Wizard'. The printer searches for wireless networks and when one's been recommended, lid wireless meet illuminates and you can barnstorm the strengthen from the software CD, goes to the polls options for networking and it'll all flew in the face of with absolutely little hassle. Shame there's no stipulate of this virtuoso in the documentation.

The accordingly USB and PictBridge hard to left didn't disclose to be smoothly as snug as a bug in a rug as we expected. While you can very connect USB drives and PictBridge cameras to the socket, we only had a 50:50 riches rate. One solid and invariably used 256MB USB oblige produced an internal lapse on the Samsung gear, so it restricted recycling at the hand of its warming cycle.

The HP camera, admittedly an older epitome, but a well known we till blue in the face use for PictBridge tests, accessible by computer OK, but was by the time mentioned prevented from displaying conception previews, so we couldn't appoint pictures to print. A Ricoh camera of the same vintage had no problems, nor yet did a instant USB oblige we substituted.

Samsung CLX-3170FN Driver Download and Review

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