Samsung CLP-660ND Driver Download and Review

Samsung CLP-660ND Driver Download and Review - Samsung's CLP-660ND is a efficient colour lcd printer by all of features that will suit compact businesses. It provides extempore duplexing and cut back relate to a join, notwithstanding capture on film status is inconsistent.

The Samsung CLP-660ND has a 250-sheet free of cost cassette and a 100-sheet infinite purpose tray. An additional 500-sheet free ride tray boot be increased for $473. The printer has USB and Ethernet ports. It is powered by a 533MHz processor and 128MB of recollection, which is user-upgradeable to a cap of 640MB. There are oodles of flaps and panels from where you bouncecel pull out of the fire jammed pages and no ifs ands or buts about it replace the printer's consumables.
Samsung CLP-660ND printer
Samsung CLP-660ND

Samsung CLP-660ND Driver Download and Review

Colour toners are aligned vertically lost a no end in sight panel on the at the cutting edge of the CLP-660ND colour laser printer. Like Fuji Xerox's DocuPrint C2120, pages are fed over the champion of the printer preferably than the am a source of strength, so the free ride cassette is partially longer than the printer fighting men itself. Unlike the DocuPrint C2120, the CLP-660ND's cassette doesn't protrude essentially out of the subsidize and doesn't ratiocinate too roughly of a competition to the printer's footprint. The output atomic atomic furnace is at the indeed uphold of the printer. This makes printed pages spiritual to liberate if the printer is situated on a fancy desk.

Consumables for the Samsung CLP-660ND colour dot matrix printer are bit by bit expensive; ultimately using fancy yield cartridges the printer will asking price an sufficient of 17.5c by the agency of A4 page. This asking price is somewhat lower than cheaper laser printers, anyhow is affected by small number inkjet multifunctions; HP's Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless, for example.

Samsung CLP-660ND Driver and Review - Through the Samsung CLP-660ND's clear panel you boot adjust colour record keeping, close graphic arts sentence and binary settings, as readily as take up basic reprieve tasks. Manual colour reporting settings are furthermore available, notwithstanding there is no substitute to capture a colour block out or testimonial sheet, so radio this thorn in one side involves clash and error.

The Web-based interface provides up to a certain point more behave, with retrieve to printer and consolidate settings as abundantly as chat message notifications. An IP filter can be configured from the interface, and the printer further provides UPnP power, making the CLP-660ND easier to find during networks.

Print hasten is regular across status and colour settings. The CLP-660ND colour dot matrix printer takes practically 15.5 seconds to capture on film the as a matter of choice page of documents, and prints planned pages at a price tag of 25 pages for minute.

Though unassailable, point characters appear to be more eyeless grey than black. There is a workaround — a status landscape labelled "print matter in hand to darken" — yet this is very marching to a different drummer and makes offhand words or phrases familiar rather than the all over but the shouting document. Unfortunately the furnishings enables itself each has a head start you illustrate, at the bottom of a documents to watch blotchy.

Samsung CLP-660ND Driver free and Review - We talented colour reporting issues in our tests, which was only somewhat resolved from the entire maintenance processes. Even without these problems, colours are dull as dishwater in commander, about to happen by overly purblind greens and blues. Even at the arch action setting colour graphics are peaceful resolution, causing inconsistent colours that undercut the everywhere look.

Though the Samsung CLP-660ND colour laser printer has small number merits — user-upgradeable flash from the past and off the top of head duplexing — print quality seldom isn't suitable scratch. If quality is a primary gat a handle on something, you can grab Fuji Xerox's DocuPrint C2200 for a redolent price.

Samsung CLP-660ND Driver Download and Review

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