CopyQ 2.6.1 Latest Version 2018 Free Download

CopyQ Latest Version 2018 Free Download Review - CopyQ can be a feature rich software application that keeps a history list to be put together by track of all Clipboard material. It comes laden with setting settings to please most types of users and some truly useful choices.

Personalized setup package
The entire package contains extensions and translations for text with notices, photos, web-pages, different data, featuring, security, FakeVim editor, and data synchronization. These parts can be omitted from startup. Toward the finish of the specialist, the app may be set-to routinely run until notice that was further at every Windows startup.

CopyQ 2.6.1 Latest Version 2018 Free Download

System tray convenience
At startup, CopyQ 2.6.1 Latest Version 2018 creates an icon while in the taskbar announcements region and quickly starts recording Clipboard articles. It is achievable to move any chosen access to the Clipboard eliminate ir from your background checklist to produce it the video that is productive, and watch information at length.

Manage Clipboard content and arrange app controls
Moreover, you can alter text, take notes, move tabs to file and scan them at a later time, establish international shortcuts, manage processes, eliminate Clipboard keeping, kind the selected items in ascending or descending order, produce numerous tabs, and so forth.

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 CopyQ enables you to change the UI vocabulary, cover lengthy wording, create the frame stick to top of other window, eliminate the evidence discussion on exit, change the windowis visibility when it is aimed and unfocused, hide tabs, the toolbar, toolbar labels and holder symbol, identify the most variety of movies to retain in the history number, specify the external publisher, alter the positioning of the notifications, modify shades for many UI aspects, and much more.

Examination and summary
We have not encounter any unanticipated shocks within our exams, since CopyQ did not freeze, accident or pop-up error messages. It has minimum affect sports plenty and pc effectiveness of attributes to please customers that are even particular. For this request that is inspiring, those trying to better manage Clipboard content might resort to conclude.

CopyQ can be an advanced director with editing and scripting capabilities. CopyQ 2.6.1 Latest Version 2018 saves its material in personalized tabs and displays clipboard. Clipboard that was stored pasted straight into any application and can be later ripped.

Things can be:
  • Edited with inner editor or with texteditor that was preferred,
  • Moved to other tabs,
  • drag’n’dropped to programs,
  • Marked with an email or tag,
  • Approved to or altered by custom commands,
  • or simply removed.

  • Assistance for Windows Linux and OS X 10.9+
  • Retailer photographs, HTML, wording or another custom models
  • Easily surf and filtering products in clipboard history
  • Sort, build, change, remove, content /composite, drag’n’drop things in tabs
  • Include tickets or notes to things
  • Systemwide shortcuts with customizable directions
  • Insert things or from primary or holder window
  • Fully customizable appearance
  • Sophisticated commandline interface and scripting
  • Dismiss clipboard containing some text or ripped from some windows
  • Assistance for basic Vim -like shortcuts and publisher
  • A lot more features

Improvements in this version:
  • Moved configuration from registry on Windows
  • Fixed techniques on Windows
  • Fixed window geometry restoring

CopyQ 2.6.1 Latest Version 2018 Free Download

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / / 10 8 / 8 64 bit
Download Link: CopyQ 2.6.1 | 9.9 MB (Open Source)
Download Link: CopyQ Portable | 13.7 MB
View Source - Link: Home Page | Other Operating Systems

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