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HP Deskjet F380 Driver Download. Review - The F380 gauges a compact 6.7 by 16.8 by 10.2 inches (HWD), making it little sufficient that I 'd want to discuss a desk with it. It additionally claims the type of streamlined good look and feels that match well in a house or home-office setup, where décor issues. Configuration is primarily standard fare, yet with an appealing twist I've seen in just a couple of AIOs: After you connect the power cable, tons paper, as well as lots the ink cartridges, the F380 publishes a placement web page. You then slap the page on the flatbed scanner, the F380 scans the web page, as well as it uses what it sees to straighten the printheads. You could then run the automaticed setup session as well as plug in the USB cable television.

I do not expect an $80 AIO to win any honors for rate, yet the F380 does badly even for its price array. I timed it at an overall 32 minutes 18 seconds on our company applications collection examination (timed with QualityLogic's hardware and software, www.qualitylogic.com). HP's very own PSC 1510 All-In-One, which costs just around $20 more, did much a lot better, at 18:00. And even the less-expensive Dell Photo All-In-One Ink-jet printer 924 came in at 19:47. The loved one speed was even worse for pictures, with the F380 averaging 9:15 for every 4-by-6 and 24:10 for each 8-by-10. In comparison, the PSC 1510 averaged 1:21 as well as 3:06, respectively, and the Dell 924 balanced 1:14 as well as 2:42.

There's one aspect below that could make the F380 a little faster, at least for photos. Like lots of ink jets, it ships with a black cartridge and a tricolor cartridge for printing with black, cyan, yellow, and also magenta. However you could change the black cartridge with a photo cartridge for printing pictures in 6 shades. As a matter of fact, all 3 of these AIOs could publish with either 4 or six colors, and the speeds in our examinations are for six-color printing. With the F380, nonetheless, there isn't really much improvement in photo top quality in between the two methods. So you could reasonably prefer to print specifically with four shades-- especially considering that the print time is halved, averaging 4:46 for each 4-by-6 and also 12:07 for each 8-by-10. That's still much slower than the PSC 1510 and also Dell 924, yet it's a big renovation over printing with six ink shades.

Given just how slow the F380 is, it would assist if the output were worth awaiting. Yet the quality is below par for an ink jet, particularly for content and graphics. The text is unexceptional, although it's good enough to compose house with. Majority of our examination font styles were conveniently readable at 5 points, and some were effortlessly readable at 4 points, despite the fact that edges were not as crisp as I would certainly like. 2 heavily stylized font styles with thick strokes couldn't certify as conveniently legible even at 12 factors. However, the quality is good enough for points such as schoolwork or maybe company wearing, as long as you don't have an unusual demand for little typefaces or demand crisp, tidy characters to forecast a completely professional photo.

Graphics quality is good enough for interior company usage, however no better. Greater than other laser printer I could bear in mind seeing recently, the F380 has a tendency making thin lines disappear or turn them into dashed lines. I additionally saw some posterization (sudden changes in shading that need to change smoothly). I definitely would not hand the output to a customer I was trying to thrill.

Image high quality is far better compared to text and graphics relative to various other ink jets, with some photos coming close to real image top quality. To name a few issues, however, I saw obvious colors in some pictures-- white clouds turning pink, for instance. An additional trouble is that, as is regular with an ink jet printer, the photos typically aren't water resistant, even after drying out, meanings they're okay for framing securely behind glass, yet you wouldn't intend to pass them around for people to take a look at.

One exception to the HP Deskjet F380 All-In-One's minimal strategy is that the scanner has an optical resolution of 1,200 pixels each inch, which is high sufficient to permit you scan a photo and also expand it. Integrated with the sensibly good picture result, this makes it a possibly great choice if you're interested mostly in scanning and also printing photos, however it's difficult to suggest it or else.

HP Deskjet f380 Drivers Download

License: Free-Freeware

OS: Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
HP Deskjet F380 Software and Drivers Download.
OS: Windows Vista (32bit/64bit)
HP Deskjet F380 Software and Drivers Download.

OS: Windows Xp (32bit)
HP Deskjet F380 USB Scan and Printer Drivers Download.
OS:Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard
HP Deskjet F380 Drivers for Macintosh- Download.
HP Deskjet F380 Drivers for Mac OS X v10.3.9, v10.4 and v10.5  Download.

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